Building Brighter Futures Through Exceptional Talent

Join our team to be part of a fast-growing business with meritocracy in its DNA

Our team is formed around a strong talent and skill base. We recruit high achievers with development potential – seeking out passionate, driven and determined individuals with a desire to work alongside exceptional talent.

Why Project Resource Partners?

Collaborative Team Environment

We work closely as a team to encourage a strong collegiate environment where a passion for success is rewarded.

Non-hierarchical Structure

We value everyone’s skills equally, use consensus decision-making and share responsibilities and leadership.

Real, Achievable Incentives

The rewards we offer for hitting transparent, measurable targets are usable, valuable and team based.

Learn from Experience

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work with experienced senior consultants and exceptional candidates and clients.

Grow with Us

A clearly defined business model means consultants and employees are the core of a strong growth agenda, with meritocracy determining career progression.

Embrace a Fun, New Challenge

We have built a working environment that is rewarding and engaging for employees with the desire to thrive in a demanding but, most of all, fun company.

Assured Excellence

We are backed by an established and globally recognised executive search brand, bringing with it security and a proven record of client delivery.