Digital Transformation in the Education sector

Digital transformation, or digital disruption as some may say, is becoming a large focus for many organisations. This is no different in the Education sector where it is gaining significant attention.

Project Resource Partners have great visibility of the different projects and programs taking place in the sector. The main theme we have seen in recent months is the need for digital transformation to improve customer experience (students and staff) for education institutions.

With the range of new systems and technologies that are available now, the education sector, including universities, colleges and schools are all being forced to review what they need to do to stay competitive in the market. New ways of teaching and learning are now becoming necessary, with a major market developing for the online learning and teaching space. This is where a student can successfully complete a degree without having to set foot on campus.

The growth in the digital market has caused a move away from the traditional forms of teaching. This means that some of Victoria’s higher education institutions are all competing to make sure they secure the best Virtual Learning Environment for their students. Within the market there are thoughts that the days of academics teaching at the front of a lecture theatre for certain subjects are numbered, and that the use of digital mediums to deliver learning are becoming more prevalent.

So what does this have to do with your projects?

We are finding our clients in the Education sector are now in need of specialised resources with proven expertise in delivering projects related to specific education systems. For candidate’s this means if you have strong skills related to Learning Management Systems, Students Management Systems or bespoke education based CRM products, you will be in high demand.

As a partner with the Education industry we are always looking at ways to add value to make sure our clients and candidates are gaining maximum benefit from our services. As a result, I now specialising within this market to ensure Project Resource Partners can continue to add value to the Education sector.

This will ensure our clients are being presented candidates and solutions that deliver the correct skills and expertise needed to successfully deliver project work. The candidates we work with are being allowed to utilise their expertise within the Education sector and the digital realms to the best of their ability.

Please reach out if you are seeking project resources or if you are a candidate with project experience seeking a new role.