Growth and Diversity in the Project Service Market

Project Resource Partners have immense visibility within the project markets. We are able to see changes and trends that are flow through the market - such as which industries are busy, what candidates are in demand, what types of projects are being undertaken, costs and rates etc.

As a stakeholder within the industry we very much value both our client and candidate relationship thus do our best to make sure we partner with both equally. We do this by staying current, working tirelessly in the market and providing relevant information in a range of different areas – again rates, candidate demand, new trends etc.

In recent times, we have seen a shift in two broader areas.

Let's provide some detail around this which will tie into how the market has significantly shifted and changed very recently.


We have noticed new demand for project resources such as Program Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers etc. coming out of industries and companies which would not generally have projects. This is also coupled with an increase in projects stemming from a non-IT domains and business units.


We have a seen an increase in the diversity of projects – from business projects to digitising to automation to process optimisations just to name a few.

The effect this has on the market is that candidates now have a larger range of choice and that interesting/exciting opportunities are not only with the bigger brands. Clients have an increased responsibility to be sure to present an interesting project to the market rather than just use their brand, furthermore candidates do have to present themselves in the most relevant light to potential employees.

We are finding that more clients are reaching out to us  and relying on us to understand their project and match the candidate skill set required very accurately. 

Furthermore we are finding candidates with solid project delivery experience coupled with a diverse range of skills really partnering with us to help them find a relevant opportunity.

In summary the current market is increasing in diversity and growth and very exciting as a whole. With our specialisation, experience and network in Project Services we are well placed to partner with clients and candidates to match requirements in this increasingly complex environment.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are an employer seeking Project Resources or if you are a candidate in the market seeking a new role.